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History can be a fascinating opportunity to ask, What if?, for a community mental health model was not unique to the late 20th century. In different times and in different situations, interested individuals have worked to develop community-based options.

Ernest Winch and New Vista

older man on telephone, 1940s style clothing, architectural drawin behindLearn about early efforts to secure human rights for psychiatrized people, and meet four women as they struggle to make lives outside the institution. Community support for former patients did not emerge only in the 1960s. Fully two decades earlier, BC’s Ernest Winch, established the New Vista Home for discharged female psychiatric patients. Visit Ernest Winch and New Vista.


What were the family ties and aspirations of institutionalized people? A resident of Montreal’s Saint-Jean-de-Dieu Hospital from age 12, Marguerite-Marie’s story gives us a glimpse of patient life in the 20th century. Medical records track her thirty years in the hospital and letters between Marguerite-Marie and her family demonstrate her ongoing connection with the outside world.  Visit Marguerite-Marie.